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School Board


The board of trustees is elected by the citizens of the district to represent the community’s commitment to a strong educational program for the district’s children. Trustees are elected annually and serve 3-year terms. Trustees serve without compensation, must be registered voters, and must reside in the district.


Felix Serna
(Current Term: May 2020 - May 2023)


Leticia M. Vela
(Current Term: May 2021- May 2024)


Gerardo Medellin
(Current Term: May 2022 - May 2025)



Regular meetings are at 7 P.M. on the third Wednesday of each month throughout the year.  The meetings are held in the Conference Room at Sarita Elementary School located at 150 East La Parra Street, Sarita, Texas, 78385.


Notice of a Board Meeting is posted at least 72 hours prior the Meeting at the entrance of the school and on this website.


General election of board members shall be on the May uniform election date. Board members are elected for three-year terms, with an election for one board member position conducted each year. [Policy BBB(LOCAL)]

Election Results 2021

Election Calendar 2022

Notice of Deadline to File an Application for Place on the Ballot for May 7, 2022

Order of Election-May 2022

School Board Election Information






KCWCSD uses BoardBook for Board Agendas and Minutes. Click here to access the Agendas and Minutes for School Board Meetings.

Any agendas or Minutes not found in BoardBook can be found here Previous Agendas/Minutes

Board Policy Online

Policy Online