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District Objectives

Objective 1:

Parents will be full partners with educators in the education of their children.

Objective 2:

Students will be encouraged and challenged to meet their full educational potential.

Objective 3:

Through enhanced dropout prevention efforts, all students will remain in school until they obtain a high school diploma.

Objective 4:

A well-balanced and appropriate curriculum will be provided to all students.

Objective 5:

Qualified and highly effective personnel will be recruited, developed, and retained.

Objective 6:

Our students will demonstrate exemplary performance in comparison to state and national standards.

Objective 7:

Sarita School will maintain a safe and disciplined environment conducive to student learning.

Objective 8:

Educators will keep abreast of the development of creative and innovative techniques in instruction and administration using those techniques as appropriate to improve student learning.

Objective 9:

Technology will be implemented and used to increase the effectiveness of student learning, instructional management, staff development, and administration.

District Information