The HomePage is divided into three columns. The Left Column is the "Navigational Bar" which links you to all the different pages of our website. The Navigational Bar have single-click menu tabs and sub-menu tabs. When you hover your mouse over a menu tab the background color turns "red" indicating the website page you are going to view when you click on the tab.

The middle section is the "Content Area". At the top of the Content Area is a Rotating Picture Banner displaying the activity of our students. Under the Picture Banner is an area that will be used for announcements and current information to our District.

The right side of the HomePage will display the events of our District calendar.

Additional WebPages

Additional webpages will contain two columns. The left side will be the Navigational Bar and the right side will be the content area displaying information associated with the page you are viewing.

Upper Right-Corner of Header

The upper right-corner of each webpage will display links for "Statements", "Contact Us", and "Site Map". The Statement Link displays our Mission Statement, Non-Discrimination Statement, or other statements associated with our District. The "Contact Us" Link will display a page that will allow you to submit a concern or comment to the WebMaster and Principal automatically. The "Site Map" page is a quick reference view and links to the different webpages.

Resource Links

The "Resource Links" in the Navigational Bar contains Parent, Staff, Student, and Student Project webpages. These pages contain information important to parents and students along with additional webpage links of educational resources outside of our main webpage.